March 24, 2017

I recently went on a first (and last) date and while I can confidently state that our chemistry was comparable to dry toast, we really had an amazing journey of food and drinks that I feel the need to share. We started things off at Tazza Kitchen in Cameron Village. I had been there a few years ago for a casual girls night- we ate the arugula pizza and a glass (bottle) of red wine and to say we left happy is an understatement. Since the last time I had been there I ate pizza, I knew I wanted to try something new. The menu is fairly eclectic; Tazza Kitchen is wood-fired tacos, pizza, and a whole lot more. The name, “TA” for taco, “ZZA” for pizza, is the portmanteau created by a group of friends who set out to build an inspiring new place to eat. We each ordered a crisp beer and the Brick Oven Brussel Sprouts to share.
BRICK OVEN BRUSSEL SPROUTS / bacon jam, smoky tomato purée, Calabrian chile, pickled mustard seeds
I have dabbled with Brussel sprouts before but HOT damn I actually die for these smoky balls of greatness. I easily could have eaten the entire plate but you know, being a proper southern belle, I daintily ate the portion he scooped onto my plate. After another round of beers, we ordered our main courses. He got the Scallops and I opted for the (3) Fish Tacos.
SCALLOPS / lemon risotto, grana padano, fresh herbs
FISH / Wild-caught Mahi-Mahi, tomatillo confit, pickled red onion, radish & jicama, calabrese mayo, crunchy quinoa
I don’t even have words for the deliciousness of this meal. I devoured my Mahi-Mahi tacos and then realized he had only just begun so I aggressively tried to make my last few bites last as to show the polished table etiquette my Mama would be proud of. I downed my beer and hoped to spark some more riveting conversation with the gentleman sitting across from me. While we decided against dessert, we did feel the need to keep this going and go for one last drink across the street at Tupelo Honey Cafe. This was a true delight. We sat outside with a beautiful view of the twinkle lights strung and ordered some fancy cocktails. I ordered their Violet Beauregarde and he ordered a Gin & Tonic.
‘Violet Beauregarde’ Sparkling Cocktail / TOPO Organic vodka, St. Germaine, blueberry puree, fresh mint, fresh lemon and sparkling wine
We sat out there for awhile, chatting and enjoying the fact that we could be soaking up an outdoor cocktail in the middle of February. Reason 9387464 why I absolutely love North Carolina. We finally decided it was time to call it a night, he ordered me an Uber, gave me a hug and I never saw him again.

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